UK Online Clinic

UK Online Clinic

Trusted Treatments is a UK online clinic that offers assessments and medicines following a consultation with a doctor. We use a specialist partner pharmacy that aims to dispatch your medicines on the same day as the prescription is approved when approved before 3pm.

Online Clinic

What is an Online Clinic?

An online clinic that is registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) like the company that operates can offer services that complement NHS healthcare, including access to a doctor online, the arrangement of repeat medicines, and a selection of reliable tests that you can perform at home.

What can an Online Clinic Provide?

A UK online clinic is similar to a standard doctors surgery but is limited to treating conditions and symptoms that can be assessed remotely i.e. those that do not require a face to face assessment or physical examination.

How Can You Get the Most from Trusted Treatments?

You can arrange for a private prescription for medicines to treat your diagnosed conditions. Often it may not be convenient to order medicines monthly and collect them from your pharmacy. We may be able to offer a prescription for up to 6 months of your regular medicines with just one contact.

Trusted Treatments can also provide assessments for your current conditions. You can book a video consultation with a doctor, or a clinical practitioner (you can select the practitioner you would like to see) and they can assess your needs and either make recommendations or provide a private prescription for treatments.

If you already receive a regular medicine, our online clinic can provide them in larger quantities than you may ordinarily get on one prescription. This can save you time, and in some circumstances your private prescription may cost less than paying a number of NHS prescription fees for the same quantity of treatments.

How Do I Know that Trusted Treatments is Safe?

Trusted Treatments is operated by The Sheffield Clinic Ltd. The Sheffield Clinic is registered with the CQC and is run by a GP with over 30 years experience and a team of support clinicians and administrative staff to ensure that you have the best possible experience. We aim to be the online doctor that provides safe and effective treatments in the most prompt manner possible.

How Can I Access this Online Clinic?

We have 3 simple options for you to choose from. These are:

1. Book a video consultation to discuss any symptoms or concerns that you have. or other clinician.

2. Ask for medicines for your current conditions.

3. Order medicines that you are currently taking from our online clinic.

Can I See a Doctor for Medicines that are No Longer Available on the NHS?

Some medicines are not available on the NHS due to cost reasons or where local choices do not allow particular medicines to be prescribed by your usual GP. This often include branded medication where more cost-effective generic preparations exist or where there are several medicines used to treat the same conditions and local medicines management teams have restricted use to just one or two choices for consistency and quality reasons.

Sometimes you may prefer a particular medicine or a brand of a medicine that you are no longer able to obtain through usual NHS routes. Trusted Treatments is an online clinic that allows you to specify the product you would like and if our clinicians agree that it is suitable and safe, you can purchase the medicine you would like from us.

Some medicines are allowed on the NHS but restricted in quantity. This may induce medicines like sildenafil and tadalafil. If you would like more of a particular medicine and it is safe for you to take more than the supply provided by your usual GP, we may be able to offer larger quantities.

What Medicines are Prescribed by an Online Clinic?

The medicines that are prescribed by an online clinic in the UK are often reflective of those that you can get from your usual NHS doctor. However, Trusted Treatments will not issue medicines that should be only prescribed following a physical assessment, except in some circumstances where a recent assessment has been undertaken or the medicines are used to cover a period until a pre-booked assessment.

Common medicines prescribed by an online doctor include:

Atorvastatin - A medicine used to treat high cholesterol levels.

Sildenafil - A medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Buy Sildenafil Tablets.

Vaniqa - A cream containing the active ingredient eflornithene that is used to treat excess facial hair in ladies. Buy Vaniqa Cream.

Rosuvastatin - This medicine is similar to atorvastatin, but may be more suited to some people than other statins. The brand name is Crestor. This is also used to treat raised cholesterol. Buy Rosuvastain.

Alprostadil cream - The brand name for alprostadil cream is Vitaros. This is used to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) and in some cases is safe where other treatments for ED are unsuitable. Buy Vitaros Cream.

Does Trusted Treatments Provide NHS Services?

We do not provide NHS services. However, we complement the NHS by providing timely access to healthcare when otherwise there may be a wait to see a clinician face to face. We also liaise with your usual GP to ensure that treatments are safe and effective, unless you specifically state that you do not want us to contact your GP, where we will only do so if we believe that you or someone else is at risk.

Do I need to Visit a Pharmacy After a Doctor Issues a Prescription?

At Trusted Treatments, we have partnered with a pharmacy that specialises in delivering medicines that have been prescribed by a private doctor on the next working day. We have chosen this pharmacy because we would like to ensure that you get the most timely delivery of your medicines and are updated every step of the way.

You do not need to visit a pharmacy. Medicines are usually delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery or DPD with a time slot emailed and/or text to your mobile the morning of your delivery.

We aim to provide the best user experience to all patients accessing this website.

Important Information

If your condition or symptoms require urgent treatment, please call NHS 111 by dialling 111 on your telephone. If you require emergency treatment, for example, if you or someone else has chest pain, has received an injury to the head, or has been involved in a serious accident, call 999 on your telephone immediately. If your condition or symptoms are not something that can be assessed remotely through the Trusted Treatments online doctor service, please make an appointment with your usual GP at the earliest opportunity. If your GP cannot offer an appointment in a timeframe that you feel is appropriate, call 111 on your telephone and seek advice, explaining your concerns. Read more about where to get help.

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