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Trusted Treatments - Other Healthcare Resources

Below are a list of healthcare resources that you must consider

Sometimes we may refer to these resources when we believe that a remote assessment using the services offered by Trusted Treatments is not the most suitable option.

NHS 111 - This is the NHS service to call when you need information about a condition, or require urgent care or treatment. Call NHS 111 (by dialling 111 on your telephone's keypad) when you have a concern about yourself or another person that you are with and your GP is not available in a timely manner. NHS 111 is also available here: NHS 111 Online

The 999 Emergency Services - Telephone 999. You must dial 999 on your telephone's keypad whenever there is a healthcare emergency and an ambulance is likely to be required. Use 999 when you or someone has chest pain, symptoms of stroke, there has been a serious accident, someone has received a head injury, or any other circumstance where their could be risk to a persons life or wellbeing if immediate assistance is not requested.

Your GP - For most issues, your GP should be the first port of call, unless your issues are urgent, an emergency, or you are not able to see your GP in a timely manner, which may be due to available appointments, your schedule, or any other reason. Use this website to help find the contact details of your GP (or the GP closest to you) if you are unsure -

Your Local Hospital or ED - If you do not have a telephone, and you are mobile, we may suggest that visiting your local Emergency Department (sometimes call Accident and Emergency) is most suitable.

The NHS Conditions A-Z - Formerly NHS Direct. This is available at

The NHS Medicines A-Z - This is available at

Important Information

If your condition or symptoms require urgent treatment, please call NHS 111 by dialling 111 on your telephone. If you require emergency treatment, for example, if you or someone else has chest pain, has received an injury to the head, or has been involved in a serious accident, call 999 on your telephone immediately. If your condition or symptoms are not something that can be assessed remotely through the Trusted Treatments online doctor service, please make an appointment with your usual GP at the earliest opportunity. If your GP cannot offer an appointment in a timeframe that you feel is appropriate, call 111 on your telephone and seek advice, explaining your concerns. Read more about where to get help.

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