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Frequently Asked Questions

There are some common questions that patients accessing this UK online clinic ask. These include the following. If you have a question that is not answered here, please give our friendly and supportive team a call on 0333 577 5311.

  • Are you a genuine GP-led UK clinic registered with the CQC?
    Yes. We are registered with the CQC and inspected by them. The our services are led by Dr O'Connell, a GP with over 30 years experience. Dr O'Connell is supported by Richard Neilson, a pharmacist with extensive experience in primary and urgent care. Trusted Treatments is a trading name of The Sheffield Clinic Ltd. Our CQC registration can be verified here: The Sheffield Clinic Ltd CQC Registration.

  • Why do you have more questions than other services on your online consultation forms?
    We are a real clinic and as such we feel an obligation to know a reasonable level of history about our patients in order to provide the best standards of care. This may include advice to support the best use of the medicines that you receive, considering many factors beyond basic care for just one condition. We aim to be one of the most caring clinics and will always try to support the people using our service in the best possible way. We will offer advice where needed and will not be condescending or unsupportive. We are a private service that compliments the NHS by offering efficiencies that cannot always be achieved elsewhere. We are not a substitute for your usual GP and will strive to support your usual GP where possible.

  • Why do you ask the same questions each time I complete a consultation?
    Things change. We like to use the most up to date information about you in order to provide the best quality service possible. Our consultation forms are short, usually only taking between 2 and 5 minutes to complete. You can also contact us on 0333 577 5311 for help completing any sections that you are unsure of.

  • Why do you ask questions that seem unrelated to the medicine that I require?
    We like to know more about you so that we can offer full support. Some medicines may predispose you to other conditions. This, combined with some lifestyle and social factors may require additional support and advice from us. We ask questions because we want to care for you in the safest manner possible.

  • How do I access medicines and advice on the Trusted Treatments website?
    We have created a page that explains how we work. Click here to see How to Use Us. We are slightly different to some other online services because we focus on a condition and symptom approach to care rather than the self-selection of medicines. This is to provide what we believe to be a good standard of care. Often, we may offer a wider range of medicines (with advice) than you may have otherwise considered, which may mean that ultimately you are treated more effectively than you would have otherwise been.


Important Information

If your condition or symptoms require urgent treatment, please call NHS 111 by dialling 111 on your telephone. If you require emergency treatment, for example, if you or someone else has chest pain, has received an injury to the head, or has been involved in a serious accident, call 999 on your telephone immediately. If your condition or symptoms are not something that can be assessed remotely through the Trusted Treatments online doctor service, please make an appointment with your usual GP at the earliest opportunity. If your GP cannot offer an appointment in a timeframe that you feel is appropriate, call 111 on your telephone and seek advice, explaining your concerns. Read more about where to get help.

Online Doctor
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