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Omeprazole Capsules

Omeprazole capsules are the most common form of omeprazole. There are also omeprazole tablets, and a liquid formation is available too.

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Omeprazole is a medicine that is designed to reduce the amount of acid that your stomach lining produces. Omeprazole capsules are often used for heartburn and acid reflux. Occasionally, omeprazole may be prescribed to protect the stomach lining and stop stomach ulcers forming.

What is Omeprazole Used For?

Omeprazole is often used to protect the stomach lining when patients are taking medicines that may predispose them to stomach ulcers. Medicines that often predispose people to getting stomach ulcers include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen, naproxen, diclofenac, and celecoxib.

Omeprazole capsules are available on prescription. Buy omeprazole capsules at Trusted Treatments, the online clinic that offers 24 hour delivery throughout Great Britain. You can buy small quantities of omeprazole from your community pharmacy.

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Buy Omeprazole Capsules

Omeprazole is available as a capsule. Capsules are the most commonly used form of omeprazole. Trusted treatments offer omeprazole capsules and oral dispersible tablets, including the brand Losec.

How to Take Omeprazole

Omeprazole is usually taken once a day.

Most frequently, pharmacists tend to advise taking omeprazole approximately 30 minutes before the first meal of the day.

These are approximate guidelines and you must always follow the directions that are given to you by the prescribing clinician.

Omeprazole for Heartburn

Sometimes, for certain conditions, omeprazole may be taken twice a day for a short period. This includes regimes that treat a potentially dangerous stomach bacteria called helicobacter pylori.

You must not take omeprazole for a prolonged period (more than 2 weeks) without the supervision of your GP or a specialist. Omeprazole can potentially mask the symptoms of a severe condition. Therefore, it is important that tests are carried out to ensure that omeprazole is being used for the correct purposes.

Who Cannot Take Omeprazole

You must never take omeprazole if you have had an allergic reaction to omeprazole, or other medicines in the same class in the past. Patients with liver failure or hepatic problems should also not take omeprazole.

What is Omeprazole?

Omeprazole belongs to a class of medicines called proton pump inhibitors (PPIs).

When to Take Omeprazole Capsules

It is important that you do not rely on omeprazole when it is not needed. Always speak to your GP or specialist if your symptoms change. Often, when omeprazole is discontinued by prescriber, patients experience the symptoms of acid reflux more prevalently. This is because your body is adapting to the medicine being taken away. Usually after a period of approximately 2 weeks, the acid reflux that is apparent after the medicine is stopped will tend to subside. Sometimes a prescriber may recommend that you take an alginates preparation, for example Gaviscon, Acidex, or Peptac for occasions when you experience acid reflux after omeprazole is stopped. Your doctor will always want to find the underlying cause for the symptoms that you are experiencing.

Omeprazole Capsules

If you take omeprazole once daily and you forget to take a dose of omeprazole, you may take the dose that you have missed as long as it is within 12 hours of the usual time that you would have taken the medicine. If you miss your morning dose of omeprazole when you take the medicine on a twice daily regime, we recommend that you omit the dose that you have missed completely and continue taking the medicine from the next scheduled dose. You should not take a double dose if you have missed a dose of either a once daily or twice daily omeprazole regime.

Omeprazole Side Effects

Omeprazole is generally well tolerated, although as with all medicines there may be some side effects.

Side effects from omeprazole may include nausea, which is feeling sick, pains in the abdomen, wind, constipation, and sometimes headaches.

On rare occasions, omeprazole may lead to the formation of a rash. If a rash presents after you have taken omeprazole, you should stop taking omeprazole and contact either your GP or pharmacist immediately. If you are unable to contact your GP or pharmacist immediately, you must call NHS 111 by dialling 111 on the nearest working telephone.

What to do if you have Chest Pain

If you develop chest pain or pains in the upper abdomen you must not assume that it is heartburn or acid reflux. Any new symptoms that could suggest a more serious condition, for example a heart attack, must be referred to NHS 111 or the emergency services by telephoning 999 immediately.

NHS 111 can also be accessed online. Find NHS 111 services here.

Trusted Treatments is a private online doctor service that supplements routine NHS Treatment. Trusted Treatments is not able to deal with urgent or emergency cases. Always call NHS 111 if you are unsure about any symptom or condition that you have.

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Important Information

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